TOTS/Tiny Tots

children line up during karate class

At Moo Duk Kwan, great effort is put into the beginning karate classes for children. The training they receive in the first few months is the most important part of their training. Without a good foundation a student cannot succeed. TOTS/Tiny-tots instructors are highly trained in connecting with a student. When a child likes the instructor, they do better in class. This sets up a great beginning for a life-time of learning, not just in Martial arts, but for all areas of life. Tiny Tots Class program is specially designed for children 3-4 years old. It introduces students to martial arts with age appropriate lessons. This program is designed to teach your child how to focus, listen and follow directions, how to be respectful, have good manners and a positive attitude, all in a structured setting. We also teach them to develop their balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and agility. Children are introduced to the fundamentals of martial arts training consisting of blocking, punching, kicking, and coordination of movements. Tots class for ages 5-6 is similar to tiny tots except that it is geared to ages 5-6 who have more maturity and are better able to follow instructions.

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Children’s Class

children practicing karate in Summit, NJ

Children’s beginner karate class in Millburn NJ, is designed for kids aged 7 and up. The class focus is on introducing students to the martial arts with age appropriate lessons. In each class your child will learn how to focus, how to listen and follow directions, how to be respectful, how to have good manners and a positive attitude. This is in addition to self-defense all in a structured setting. Students also learn to develop their balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and agility. As a beginner, children receive three private lessons before going into regular class. They are introduced to the fundamentals of martial arts training consisting of blocking, punching and kicking so that when they are in class they have the best experience. While in class, students learn the correct way to punch, kick and self-defend against an attack. Students learn a series of combinations and moves that should they need to defend themselves, they have the skills and mindset to overcome a bad situation.

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Adult Class

adults and Moo Duk Kwan masters practicing karate

Adult Class: is just that! Martial Arts training for adults only.
Life accelerates with each year. As kids we feel invincible. As young adults we start devoting more time to school and careers. Followed by raising a family and even more commitments. Before we know it, we are feeling old and tired. An afternoon on the couch starts to sound good. Now is the time to get back the energy level you once had. You’ll feel a boundless inner-strength…strength that you might not have seen in yourself, right now. Starting in Moo Duk Kwan may sound a bit intimidating. If you feel you’re not ready, come in and see how easy it is to get started.

Beginners are guided by instructors and assistant instructors at your pace. “No one will though you into the deep end”. In a short time you’ll discover how to stay calm, even when everything around you is hectic and stressful. Develop the confidence to tackle any challenge – and succeed – because through Mastering Martial Arts you’ll see that you can do anything you set your mind to. The moves that you learn as well as the tempo of class will help you lose weight and loose it fast. See your whole body moving in new ways you couldn’t imagine, every class. And because it engages your whole body – extra weight slips right off of you.

Training in Martial Arts is a major confidence boost. You’ll see progress in just a few weeks. With new skills, flexibility and strength, you’ll have less fear. Even with prior training you’ll appreciate the instruction from Moo Duk Kwan. All in all, it’s a life-changing experience. Before beginning class, you spend time one on one with an instructor who will teach you some of the basics so that when you are in class you will not feel out of place. During your first class, the same instructor will be right next to you, guiding you through how the class works. Afterward you can expect senior practitioners to help you with moves or techniques. In a short time, you’ll feel right at home.

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